Workshop of the project "Getting young workers on board of the European Pillar of Social Rights"

WoFrankfurt, Deutschland WerEuropäischer Gewerkschaftsbund (EGB)

ETUC - Youth Committee is developing the project "Getting young workers on board of the European Pillar of Social Rights", supported by the European Commission. With this project the ETUC aims at contributing to the improvement of the situation of young Europeans in the labour market by:

  • Tackling inequalities which affect young European workers in the labour market and during the transition between the educational system and the labour market. Special attention will be given to the situation of trainees and therefore EU political tools such as the Quality framework for traineeships will be further implemented by the ETUC members.
  • The situation in the labour market of two categories of workers which are overrepresented in precarious forms of employment, unemployment and inactivity will be particularly addressed: young women on one side and young migrants and second-generation young immigrants (immediate descendants of those born abroad) on the other side. Trade union actions to improve the working conditions of said groups will be defined and implemented.
  • Also, in matters of gender, the project will also aim at improving work-life balance for young workers, for which the strengthening of the implementation of the coming EC Initiative to support Work-Life Balance for Working Parents and Carers will we considered.

Three workshops will be organised throughout the implementation of the project and we would like to hereby invite you to attend the first one, which will take place in Frankfurt (Germany) in October 24th-25th.

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