ETUI and ETUC workshop on data science in support of the trade union movement

WerEuropäischer Gewerkschaftsbund (EGB)

Trade unions have actively participated in the debate on the impact of new technologies in the world of work. They have shaped new policy responses to the introduction of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other data science tools on national, European, and global levels.

However, it is also crucial to consider how trade unions themselves can benefit from these new technologies. Some trade union organisations in Europe have taken a proactive approach and explored the use of data science techniques in their work. The new technologies can enhance the effectiveness of mobilising, organising and representing workers, as well as providing services to them. A successful incorporation of data science can thus enhance the effectiveness of trade union work and allow unions to address new challenges in the world of work as well as to better understand their social and economic environment. Implementation of new technologies can also support the processes of trade union revitalisation, allowing them to connect with new generations of workers and represent groups that are typically difficult for them to reach.

With this workshop, the ETUI and the ETUC will take stock of the lessons from the application of data science techniques, sharing the experiences that trade union organisations have had with deploying them, often in experimental projects. Moreover, the workshop will discuss techniques used in academia, business, and the non-profit sector that could inspire the labour movement. The goal is also to assess the potential value of coordination and joint projects on the European level.

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