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19.03.2018 | Launch of the ETUI/ETUC Benchmarking Working Europe 2018 report

WannMontag, 19. März 2018 WoStändige Vertretung Österreichs bei der EU, 1. Stock

ÖGB Europabüro, the Brussels office of the Austrian Trade Union Federation, AK EUROPA, the Brussels office of the Austrian Federal Chamber of Labour, and ETUI, the European Trade Union Institute  would like to cordially invite you to

What convergence and what divergence across the EU?
Launch of the ETUI/ETUC Benchmarking Working Europe 2018 report

Monday, 19th March 2018, 19h00
Permanent Representation of Austria to the EU, 1st floor
Avenue de Cortenbergh 30
1040 Brussels

Although it can be observed that on average, labour market insecurity and unemployment risk have increased since 2007 across all EU Member States, there is a clear indication now that fiscal austerity has had uneven effects across countries. The indicators concerning social and labour market conditions have been evolving very much in line with the developments in the macroeconomy: after a deterioration period from 2013-2014 they started to improve slowly. Still, divergent developments can be observed between the north and the south of Europe. These are some of the findings of this year’s Benchmarking report on the state of ‘working Europe’, which reveals a nuanced picture of progress and regress across the EU. The speakers at this event launching the 2018 Benchmarking Working Europe Report will explore these and many more complex developments in selected areas of importance to the trade unions and of significance for a social Europe.

Welcome address:

Peter Scherrer, ETUC, Deputy General Secretary, Philippe Pochet, ETUI, General Director, and Oliver Röpke, ÖGB Brussels, Head of Office

Presentation of main findings of the Benchmarking 2018 report:

Maria Jepsen, ETUI, Director of the Research Department


Luca Visentini, General Secretary of the ETUC

Maria Jepsen, Director of the ETUI Research Department

MEP Gabriele Zimmer, Chair of the Confederal Group of the European United Left - Nordic Green Left

Patrick Develtere
, Principal Adviser for European Social Policy at the European Political Strategy Centre


Aline Hoffmann, ETUI, Head of Unit: Europeanisation of Industrial Relations

After the event, we invite you to a buffet.


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